Google Coming Around on Management?

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Published on: May 16, 2011

Google may have a solution to device management after all, though it’s just a start. Check out the Google Apps Device Policy app on the Android Market. Right now it looks more like a competitor to Apple’s MobileMe features such as location reporting and remote wiping, but it’s a start for security for schools or companies.

According to this announcement, it’s only available for Google Apps for Business, Government, or Education customers. This at least gives IT folks some options in securing their users’ devices, especially if those devices are company-issued. Judging by user reviews, it also appears the app is difficult (if not impossible without rooting/jailbreaking) to remove.

It doesn’t say anything about pushing out apps, restricting apps or setting wireless passwords, or managing things like proxies or DNS settings. I’m also curious whether the My Devices page it mentions will list device serial numbers and activated accounts. If we get serious about testing an Android tablet at my workplace, I’ll be installing this and taking it for a test drive.

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