Google Apps Tip: Grade Quizzes with Flubaroo

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Published on: May 20, 2011

One of the best parts of working with technology is you quickly learn that if you have an issue with something, chances are somebody out there has already run into it and found a solution.

Case in point: when we demonstrated how to make quizzes using Google Forms and Spreadsheets within Google Docs, the teachers’ first concern was grading. This is, of course, a valid concern, but they were not the first ones to think of this.

Enter Flubaroo.

This simple script add-on to Google Docs allows teachers to set up an answer key in one row of their spreadsheet and use it to score the students’ responses. Here’s a video demo provided by the Flubaroo folks:

This is going to be a key element in moving toward paperless classrooms. All teachers and students need is access to their Google Apps accounts, which can be accomplished whether we do an iPad 2 or Android tablet deployment or have students bring their own devices.

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