iPad — How about “Teach”?

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Published on: September 1, 2011

Apple has released a new iPad commercial called “Learn”:

I like it. It’s simple, straightforward, and it showcases a handful of apps.

But what about teaching?

Why not show parents how teachers may use them in classrooms? Or at least show a teacher in front of a room with students interacting with the lesson on their iPads? Yes, the iPad is a learning tool, we’re sold on that. But my teachers are still skeptical about its utility as a teaching tool.

Yes, it puts a ton of note-taking tools in students’ hands. Yes, it’s a convenient way to carry more and different textbooks around. Yes, students can compose in class instead of having to jockey for time in a computer lab.

But these are conveniences. To sell them to teachers (and parents and communities), we need to show enhancements. We need to prove these apps supplement teaching and learning, not replace it.

The convenience is great, but convenience isnt’ a justification for the cost in smaller districts. Get test scores up and demonstrate measurable improvement in student learning, and now people are paying attention.

Our district iPad team is still working on that, and we see the potential. We’re just trying to bring it home. Our biggest battle, however, is going to be selling our community on the idea. It would be great if Apple could start planting those seeds for us.

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