The New Digital Natives

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Published on: October 13, 2011

This video demonstrates how different the world appears to those born to new technologies versus those of us for whom it’s all new.

Adults say things like:

  • E-books will never replace textbooks
  • Tablets will never replace workstations or laptops
  • Facebook will never replace email
  • Texting homework is unacceptable

No? We should qualify those to “not yet.”

Remember, it’s the next generation that will be making these decisions. When I was a kid, getting to watch a video in class was a privilege, and I’m only in my 30s. Now? It’s expected.

Even if this little girl loves to read (and I hope she will), what’s to get her excited about an old paperback if she can get the same book on an iPad? It reminds me of the 13-year-old boy who traded his iPod for an old Walkman for a week.

Just because we grew up with paper magazines and the Sony Walkman doesn’t make them better.

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