Simple, DIY iPad Charging/Syncing Station

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Published on: October 21, 2011

I’ve seen everything from $10 dishracks to $1000+ Bretford carts. When I needed to set up a quick charging and syncing station for our iPads, I looked no further than the packaging they came in.

iPad pic
Repurpose and recycle!

We purchased two lab packs of 10 iPads each, and each box came with two of the cardboard dividers you see in this picture. That will easily cover the 20 iPads they shipped with, as well as the extra five we purchased for our classroom testing.

Add a 24-port USB hub from Monoprice and we’re off to the races.

Note: I wasn’t particularly worried about neatness. I had to move the hub after the initial setup.

In five minutes, all 10 of these iPads will have iOS 5 installed on them. On Monday, the second set of 10 will get the update, and then we’ll be about ready for some classroom time!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Does this charger manage to charge the iPads without having to plug it into a computer? I presume charging is fairly slow as it can only output a limited amount of power? Reliability been OK?

    Cheers, Jonathan

    • Mike Oliveri says:

      Actually, I thought it was charging, but you’re correct, it doesn’t appear to be making a significant difference. It works wonderfully for syncing them all at once, and the new Apple Configurator app picked them up just fine. But for charging I had to use a set of three power strips. This actually works well, though, because the iPads are not stored with the Mac Mini server I use for configuration.

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