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Published on: December 3, 2011

After reading several articles about the benefits of a standing desk and the dangers of sitting all day (easily summed up in this infographic), I thought I would give it a shot. My desk is huge and I didn’t want to purchase an expensive standing rig, so I felt a podium would work best. I determined the necessary dimensions here and passed them on to our school’s Industrial Tech department.

The teacher helped a student with the actual design in the woodshop, and then the student cut and assembled it for me. Here is the result:

New Workspace
My new workspace

They did a fantastic job. I ordered a rubber and foam anti-fatigue mat to stand on, and after two days with it so far, I like it. I left color up to them, and my only stipulation was I would like the top to be smooth enough that I could write on paper on it. Function over form. It looks good, it’s comfortable to work on, and that riser on the back is removable should I need to change the monitor setup.

I get funny looks from some students and teachers, and even the student who built it and the shop teacher feared it might be too big. Given the size of my desk, however, it’s perfect. My monitor’s not in my face, my hands and arms are at a comfortable angle, and I’m not constantly looking down.

The student got a grade, I got a new desk, and I saved a lot of money by having it done in-house. Win-win all around!

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