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Published on: April 9, 2013

Our district band director, Steve Hayes, is very proactive when it comes to technology, and he is very good at showing teachers how new devices and software can be used in the classroom. He also understands student engagement is key to learning, and he knows leveraging technology is a great way to engage today’s students.

Yesterday, he posted a great article about a teacher finding his or her Student Engagement Score. It’s written in a simple scoring format, and there’s no rubric, just a final number that is relative to the teacher. Really, though, it’s the questions that should make a teacher think.

Even better, it’s not all about technology. Yes, it deals with students being allowed to use their own devices, or having acces to communication with students in other schools, but it also covers things like student stress levels and the freshness of classroom content and lesson plans.

Every teacher should take five minutes out of a planning period to find their score. It may give them a few ideas while they plan out the rest of their day.

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