Pro Tip: protect your Apple power adapter

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Published on: May 8, 2013

A cool feature of the Apple power adapters from the last few years is the cable wraps built into the power brick. They are fare more compact than most of their PC counterparts, making them less likely to snag on things and easier to store in bags and travel gear.

On the down side, however, some users are winding them too tight and are stressing the cable and/or its connection to the main power brick, resulting in frayed or destroyed cables.

For example, many users wrap their cables like so:

If it could scream, it would
If it could scream, it would

The little rubber sleeve at the base helps, but I often see cables where the main tubing pulls loose. This boot also prevents stresses to the side, but not stress coming straight out of the hole in the brick. The components on the inside are very likely under the same stress.

To prevent this, create a small loop in the cable. I usually hook the cable over my finger first, creating a 1″ loop before wrapping the rest of the cable. This takes all of the tension off of the cable’s connection to the power brick.

My preferred wrap looks like this:

No more tears
No more tears

This doesn’t take up any more room in a bag, it takes no time at all, and the loop can still fold over without putting additional stress on the connection if it is pressed up against another object during travel. The loop protects the adapter, and it protects the user’s wallet from an unexpected $79 charge to replace a broken adapter (or more for a larger MacBook Pro adapter).

Next time you put your adapter away, give it a shot! It will save you some grief in the long run.

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