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The EdTech Samurai
Mike has over ten years of experience in the educational technology field. He is currently the technology director for a rural K-12 school district in central Illinois. A few years ago he started working with Apple equipment for the first time and he hasn’t looked back. His network environment includes a mix of Apple, Windows, and Linux gear and both proprietary and Open Source tools.

Mike’s district is currently exploring a 1:1 tablet program, with the Apple iPad the current contender. He is working closely with a team of teachers and administrators to evaluate applications and classroom use for tablets, as well as to integrate social networking, Google Apps, and similar tools into classroom instruction.

The intent of this site is to chronicle his district’s journey into 1:1 computing and to share experiences in educational technology. Articles will cover everything from professional development and engaged learning to application reviews and technical how-tos, and probably anything else that strikes Mike’s fancy.

So why samurai?
Mike is an avid martial artist studying Shuri-ryu karate. He once signed his emails with the title “Tech Samurai” and people got a kick out of it. When he decided to create this site, he tacked Ed onto the beginning to indicate a focus and the name stuck.

The Disclaimer
Opinions expressed on the site are those of Mike and/or guest authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of his employer.

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